Brittani though I prefer going by Adrian. 22. Texas. Lady lover. Bioware. SNK.



thanks to ME3 multiplayer it took me a week to finish these lmao. Samara is so gorgeous tho (◕‿◕✿)


I read so much gay fanfiction that when I go to pick up an actual book I am shocked and appalled by all of the heterosexuality


OHHH TELL ME WHATCHA WANT WHATCH REALLY REALLY WHAT (ill tell ya what i want what a really really want) I wanna, i wanna, i wanna, i wanna, i wanna really really really wanna see non-offensive representation of asexuals, bisexuals and trans people in todays media




what type of rock is a really good friend

an opal

rocks will be your only friends if you ever use this joke

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